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Information security systems

To the graduate the academic degree «the bachelor of military science and safety» in the specialty 5В100200 – «Information security systems»
Experts in information security are directly involved in creation the systems of information security, audit and monitoring, analyze information risks, develop and introduce actions for their prevention.
The main directions of preparation include:
-safety of computer systems and networks;
– ensuring hardware-software protection of information security systems;
-information security from leak on technical channels;
-information security from unauthorized access;
-administration of information security systems;
-management of information security;
-programming in languages C ++, Java, Python, PHP, MsSQLServer, etc.
-the legislation in the sphere of information systems;
Field of activity:
-the state and private enterprises and the organizations developing;
-the introducing and using organizational, hardware and program methods and means;
-protection of information systems in all spheres of human activity operating;
-critical information.
Advantages of specialty “Information security systems”:
1) In connection with a prompt penetration of IT technologies to all spheres
activity of the person, companies, societies and in general states, relevance
information security, including information security constantly grows.
In 2018 only in the Republic of Kazakhstan over 3000 experts of ISaren’t enough.
MES of RK  increased an educational grant in the specialty 5B100200– Information security systems up to 500 grants, i.e. in comparison with 2017
in nearly 5 times.
2) The employee on information security is an integral part as
commercial, and departmental structure.
3) Experts in information security have a wide range of knowledge from
legal to organizational and technical questions, including skills of programming
languages of high level.
Features and specifics of specialty:
-the specialist in IB provides complex;
-information security, books audit of the existing security system, analyzes;
-and according to it develops information risks and introduces actions on;
-to ensuring information security of the company. In the expert’s duty on;
-information security continuous monitoring of an information system also enters;
-safety and support of technical means of her protection.
Main disciplines:
-professional Kazakh (Russian) language, English;
– Mathematics;
– Discrete mathematics;
– Physics;
– Information and communication technologies;
– Safety of operating systems;
– Information bases of information security;
– Technologies of protection of computer information;
– Bases of information security;
– Cryptographic methods and means of information protection;
– Safety and administration of systems and networks;
– Organizational and legal support of information security;
– Standardization and certification of means of information security, etc.
Elective disciplines:
– Digital circuitry;
-Algorithmization and programming languages;
– Architecture of computer systems;
– System programming;
– Bases of systems of databases;
– Safety of Internet technologies;
– Safety of mobile devices;
-IS technology in wireless networks;
– Protection against unauthorized access and channels of leak in info communication networks;
– Administration of information systems.
Students of specialty will gain the following knowledge:
-about modern information technologies, including mobile technologies;
-about methods and means of ensuring of information security;
-on creation and protection of information security systems;
-on administration of information security systems;
-on organizational and legal support of information security;
– ensuring hardware-software protection of information security systems.
Training technique:
use in process  training innovative technologies, which include electronic textbooks, video records, virtual laboratory works, platform of remote education. For activation of participation of students in educational process seminars, conferences where students work saved up by them are held knowledge in practice. Design activity and preparation for public statements is conducted, which allows the student to think, find and solve independently problems in professional area, relying on the knowledge.
Material and technical resources:
Students of specialty “Information security systems” are engaged in the following educational laboratories equipped with necessary stands, models, measuring devices and modern computers:
– Laboratory of radio assembly practice (case B, audience 121);
– “Information Security Hardware” laboratory (case B, audience 127);
– Laboratory the antenna – feeding devices and distribution of radio waves (the case B, audience 203);
– “Infocommunication Technology and Communication Systems” laboratory (case B, audience 412);
– “Computer and Infocommunication Safety” laboratory (case B, audience 414);
– “Technical Means of Information Security” laboratory (case B, audience 420);
– Laboratory of “Network technologies” (case B, audience 426);
– Cisco laboratory;
– Computer classes 321B, 300A, etc.
-In 2018 opening of new educational classes of the companies “Антивирус”;
-Касперского”, Oracle and «Киберщит» laboratories and «Технологии Кибербезопасности».

 Do practical training in the following companies:

«Kazteleport», «Первое кредитное бюро», «Центр анализа и расследования кибератак» (ЦАРКА), «Азимут», Три А, «Эгида», «Кузет 1952», «Центр охранного мониторинга», «AbrisDistribution – Kazakhstan (Абрис Дистрибьюшн – Казахстан)», «Центр космической связи», «Национальный центр информатизации», FortinetInc, Palo Alto Networks Inc, «Гранит», «Алси», «Icore-Integration», «Пацифика», «КазИнжЭлектроникс», «АлмаТВ».




Graduates can hold the following positions:

-expert in information security;
– ERP-and Web programmer;
– Internet project manager;
-database manager and websites;
-system administrator;
-programmer Java, Python, C#, PHP and etc;
-content manager;
-technical writer;
-radio installer, etc.


Graduates work:

Public authorities, Divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RK, MES RK, CNS RK, Eurasian Bank, Halykbank, RG Brands, TNS Central Asia, Home Credit Bank, Bank Centrcredit, Nurbank, Sberbank, Rfz Minerals, RG Brands, Kazakhstan stock exchange, Medical center “Avicenna”, JSC Kazakhtelecom, National center of testing.


Famous graduates

The first set of students in “Information security systems” was in 2011 year. For 4 years 105 experts are let out. From them 80% work in the specialty.