AUPET magistrate study programs are realized by two training directions - scientific-pedagogical and profile - and ensure in-depth specialized professional training, that afterwards enables graduates to do scietific, pedagogical, management and expert activity successfully.

Education in magistrate involves an active research, participation in scientific university projeccts chaired by the leading specialists of the field of power engineering and telecommunications sector.

Realization of doctorate study programs is implemented by university lointly with the leading Europe Union universities (Sweden, Austria), with assistance from international programs of Europe committee TEMPUS and ERASMUS+ InnoCENS

Presence of two scientific advisers (nation and foreign) enables to provide a PhD with a fundamental training in chosen area, and also opportunity to use in own researches the newest developments in the field of international science.

Under the training programs of PhDs scientific internship of university PhDs - partners of far abroad, participation of PhDs in the reputable international scientific conferences and symposiums, publications of scince articles in science magazines of near and far abroad are financed.


  • 6D071700 – «Heat power engineering»
  • 6D071800 – «Electrical power engineering»
  • 6D071900 – «Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications».
  • Profile / scientific-pedagogical magistrate:

  • 6M071600 – «Instrument making»
  • 6M071900 – «Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications»
  • 6M071700 – «Heat power engineering»
  • 6M070200 – «Automation and control systems»
  • 6M071800 – «Electrical power engineering»
  • 6M073100 – «Life safety and environmental protection»
  • 6М070300 – «Information systems»
  • 6М070400 – «Computing and software»
  • Enrolling in AUPET Doctorate and Magistrate, applicant has a unique chance to:

  • choose a disseration theme, which will respond to the needs of enterprises, where he works, taking into account specificity of company;
  • choose an dissertation academic adviser from the staff of AUPET PPS, who is experienced in the training of highly qualified personnel;
  • to get a quality education, demanded in today's world.
    1. Institure of Doctorate and Magistrate in Academic Council hall conducted scientific seminars on the theme of: «Report of perfomance of SRW on directions of research themes according with the individual plan of doctors dissrtations of PhdS and their academic advisers»:
    2. 30 May 2017г. – for PhDs, who studied and graduated on the specialty of 6D071700 – «Heat power engineering»;
    3. 16 June 2017г. - for PhDs, who study on the specialty of – «Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications»;
    4. 20 June 2017г. - for PhDs, who study on the specialty of – «Electrical power engineering».

    Vice-rector for SRaIC Stoyak V.V., director and staff of IDM, faculty deans and also the heads of graduating departments and exc. participated in seminar.

    Institute director – Aliyarova Madina Birlesovna c.t.s., AUPET assosiate professor.
    Information-analytica sector, marketing, finance.
    Specialist – Elemenova Aliya Alikovna, sen. lecturer.
    Study sector.
    Specialist – Kali Bermeta Kamchybekovna.

    Аddress: Аlamaty, А. Baitursynov str.126, building А-411

    Phone: 8 (727) 292 73 11

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