The faculty “Aerospace and Information Technologies” was established in 2014, on the base of the faculty “Information Technologies”. The dean of the faculty is the Ass. Prof., candidate of sciences Saiyn S.Tabultayev.

Dean’s assistants are D. K. Abylkhasenova, S. E. Smagulova, S.B. Akhmetzhanov.

The faculty implements training programs for:

    Bachelor’s degree in:

    • 5В070400 - «Computer Engineering and Software»
    • 5В070300 – «Information Systems»
    • 5В060200 – ««Information»
    • 5В074600 – «Space equipment and technologies»

    Master’s degree in:

    • 6М070400 - «Computer Engineering and Software»
    • 5В070300 – «Information Systems»

Graduates of the IT faculty have an opportunity to work in private companies and organizations including state organizations which are connected with web administration, administration without data, development of software, testing and adjusting of program complexes of information systems, work with software, micro processing systems, computer and web technologies.

The sphere of professional activity the direction of which are space technologies is the sphere of land technical and start complexes, board systems of space apparatuses and accelerating blocks; rocket engines, hardware and software means, providing the function of different junctions, systems, complexes and flight guidance of space apparatuses; space and geo information technologies and systems for their realization.

Dean of faculty

Saiyn S. Tabultayev
Candidate of sciences, associate professor.

Dina K.Abylkhasenova

Deputy Dean
senior teacher

Saken B. Akhmetzhanov

Deputy Dean
senior teacher

Saule Ye. Smagulova

Deputy Dean
senior teacher>

Dinara B.Janbauova


Zhurtbaeva Nurgul Kaparovna


The faculty has international connections with the following partners:

  1. Moscow technical university of communication and computer science
  2. Moscow institute (technical university) of energy
  3. Samara state aerospace university (SSAU)
  4. Yerevan science and research institute of means of communication (Armenia)
  5. Tashkent university of information technologies
  6. Birmingham (Great Britain)
  7. Tomsk poly technical university
  8. Novosibirsk state technical university

Training of specialists is carried out on the basis of the following departments:

The faculty consists of two general educational departments of social sciences: