The department of "History and culture of Kazakhstan" was created in 24.01.2017. 11 teachers worked at department, among them 1 - doctor of sciences, 10 - candidate of sciences, professors, associate professors and senior lecturers.

  1. Kabdushev Bolat Zholamanovich –head of dep.,, associate professor

  2. Berlibaev Bakdaulet Turbekuly -, professor

  3. Dzhagfarov Nispek Rahimzhanovich -, professor

  4. Dakenov Muksyn Dakenovich -, professor

  5. Abrahmatova Gulnar Abraykulovna -, associate professor

  6. Baydildina Saule Hayrullovna -, associate professor

  7. Radzhapov Anarbay Uskenbaevich -, associate professor

  8. Apashov Sabit Begmanovich -, associate professor

  9. Zhumagulov Marat Dauletbaevich - senior lecturer

  10. Sarsekeev Masat Mukashevich - senior lecturer

  11. Tanirbergenova Rabiga Kolekbaevna - senior lecturer

  12. Nurtayeva Ainur Dushembaevna – laboratorian

Head of the department

Kabdushev Bolat Zholamanovich
candidate of historical sciences, assosiate professor

Berlibaev Bakdaulet Turbekuly, professor

Dzhagfarov Nispek Rahimzhanovich, professor

Dakenov Muksyn Dakenovich, professor

Abrahmatova Gulnar Abraykulovna, assosiate professor

Baydildina Saule Hayrullovna, assosiate professor

Radzhapov Anarbay Uskenbaevich, assosiate professor.

Apashov Sabit Begmanovich, assosiate professor

Zhumagulov Marat Dauletbaevich

senior lecturer

Sarsekeev Masat Mukashevich, senior lecturer

Tanirbergenova Rabiga Kolekbaevna

senior lecturer

Nurtayeva Ainur Dushembaevna


Disciplines (for all specialties):

  • Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Sociology
  • Politics
  • Law basis
  • Social institutions of modern society: politics, law, religion

The number of publications (monographs, proceedings, articles) over 2011-2014 - 436 papers:

  • 9 monographs;
  • 40 in proceedings;
  • 400 scientific articles.

As part of the research work particularly highlighted the research project on the topic: "The analysis of historical experience and problems of development of the military-industrial complex of Kazakhstan in 1930-1990-s". Supervisor is Professor N.R. Dzhagfarov. The project has successfully passed the competition announced by the Committee of Science of MES in 2014 to conduct fundamental scientific research in 2015-2017 as part of the grant funding.

Research work with students

The department carries out research work with students through stream and final scientific conferences at the faculties and the university-wide. This work covers almost all students of 1-4 courses, a third of them make presentations and reports. Especially we are working intensively during the study and discussion of the annual messages of the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan. In the current academic year, the Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev "Kazakhstan-2050" Strategy - new political directions of the formed state" was held 16 stream student conferences, 58 round tables were attended by 931 students, 162 of them made presentations.

According to the order since November 27 to December 5, 2014 was held student conference - contest "Kazakhstani society in modernization", dedicated to the 23 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Professor M. Dakenov, Associate Professor G. Abrahmatova since June 1 to June 25, 2015 took part in the survey and held a round table in the framework of sociological research of the Institute of philosophy, political science and religious studies (IPhPR) of the Committee of Science of MES RK for the research project "Monitoring of interethnic sphere as a method of diagnosing the efficiency of the state ethnic policy."

PFS of the Department of Social Discipline is acquainted with the strategic development plan of our university and is constantly informed on resolutions of an academic council and the administration directed on the solution of strategic tasks of university.

The plan of educational work of adviser from among PFS of the Department of SD is formed at the beginning of academic year and is approved as the dean of faculty, coordinated with faculty and all-university, the plans of measures on educational work. Reports of adviser listen periodically with delight and discussed at faculty meetings. As a adviser in the academic groups works 3 teachers (professor Оrinbekova D.S., associate professor Kabdushev B. Zh senior teacher Каsienova K.M.

The important place of PFS of our department gives to educational work which is carried out first of all in educational process. The collective listening of speech of the President in real time, will traditionally be organized by the support and discussion and an exchange of impressions at the university. The lectures, seminar classes, round tables and the various meetings conducted in all academic groups devoted to the Message of our President. Each semester finishes with student's stream scientific conferences. During the 12th years works the student's intellectual club "Parasat", which purpose – receiving sound, qualitative knowledge, and not only narrowly professional, but also covers general scientific, cultural in various areas of science, equipment, literature and art. Knowledge can be received, accumulating experience of outstanding persons. The main part of students arrived from the rural remote place, and they have a chance to meet lacks of the intellectual development.

Meetings with known people leave unforgettable impressions, form outlook, call to imitation. Meetings of the club Parasat take place monthly, for these years passed more than 100 meetings, they were visited by more than 13 thousand students. Our club visited a known singer and composer E.Serkebayev; generals S. Nurmagambetov and B. Ertayev; Hazret D. Absattarov's Supreme mufti; academician T. Shormanov; visible public and politician M. Isinaliyev, etc. The Department assists also moral support to the student's creative associations "Gibrat" and "Ulagat", constantly advises and directs their work.

Spiritual revival of Kazakhstan

On Thursday 20.04 2017 teachers of the departments of the history and culture of Kazakhstan B.Zh. Kabdushev and Radzhapov A.U. held a discussion with students in break room of dormitory 2B about article of N.Nazarbayev "Looking ahead: modernization of social conscience".

Head of the dept. HCK B.Zh. Kabdushev told boys that in this year in the message from the President announced the start of the Third modernization of Kazakhstan, about political reform and economy modernization with the objective to get into top 30 developed countries. Speaker noted that it is said in the article "changes and transformations must be followed with faster modernization of social conscience. It is not only supplements political and economical modernization – it will be their heart".

After the teachers speech, a dispute broke out over the relevance of transmission to Latin alphabet, importance of trilingualism. Deputy dean of FAIT S.B. Ahmetzhanov attended the meeting. Meeting was organizad by the deputy deans of the dormitories 2А, 2B, 3.

Meeting with students in the dormitory

On April, 5 2017 in the dormitory №1 reading room at 8 p.m., the discussion with students about the Message from the President of Kazakhstan «The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness» was held by associate professors of the departments of «History and culture of Kazakhstan» Kabdushev B.Zh. , «Spiritual and physical education» Nurpeis E.M., vice-dean of FAIT Ahmetzhanov S.B.

Acting head of the department of HCK Kabdushev B.Zh. pointed out the main priorities, «which are intended to provide economics rate of growth above global average and stable progress in top 30 developed countries».

Associate professor of the department of SPE Nurpeis E.M. elaborated on objectives set for the Government and possibilities to realize them.

Vice-dean of FAIT Ahmetzhanov S.B. encouraged students to be active, honor national values: language, culture, traditions and exc.

The meeting was interesting, students expressed gratitude to the organizers.

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