"Heat power engineering" faculty was organized in 1975 on allocation of Power faculty of the Kazakh polytechnical institute in independent Almaty power institute.

The heat power faculty declares reception and preparation of bachelors and undergraduates on 2 specialties:

  1. 5В071700 - "Heat power engineering" (bachelor, magistracy and doctorate)
    • Industrial heat power engineering
    • Technology of water and fuel
    • Industrial power system
  2. 5В070200 - "Automation and management" (bachelor, magistracy)
    • Automation and informatization in control systems (on branches and scopes)
    • Automation and management in fuel and energy complex
    • Automation and management in power industry

Training of specialists is conducted on the basis of the following departments:

By the staff of faculty it is conducted active studies-but-methodical, research and economic contract works.

The available laboratory base of faculty, classroom fund, use of progressive technologies of education and methodical providing allow to give classes at the level conforming to standards of the higher education. Working curricula include, besides the state component, a high school component which provides continuous tracking of wishes of main customers of shots.

Dean of faculty

Ziyakhanov Mukhtar Umirzakovich
of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor

Kalyshev Nurgazy Nurabiluly

Deputy dean
senior teacher

Ibrasheva Assem Tursyngalievna

Deputy dean
senior teacher

Temirkhanova Zhadyra Temirkhankyzy

Expert, h.e.c.

  • "Renewables and New Technologies in Energy Saving" center (manager. Stoyak V.V.);
  • Thematic research laboratory "Research of problems of fuel and energy complex" (manager. Zhakupov A.A. );
  • Thematic research laboratory "Power monitoring and examination" (manager. Kibarin A.A.);
  • Thematic research laboratory "Automated process control system" (manager. Hisarov B. D.);
  • "Water Technology and Water and Chemical Modes" center (manager. Kalendarev R. N.)
    1. Scientific bases of system of multilevel engineering education: formation of professional interests and readiness of professional self-determination, formation of technical thinking, quality with use of credit technology of training.
    2. Development, use and assessment of computer technologies in educational process of higher education institution.
    3. Research of methods of distribution of expenses of fuel on thermal and electric energy by their combined production and development of tariff policy in electrical power sector of economy of Kazakhstan.
    4. Carrying out export works at operation of fixed assets of the energy companies and according to the accounting of electric and thermal energy.
    5. Development of heatgenerators, gorelochny devices, production technologies of heat-insulating materials and the automated systems of regulation of a thermal stream.
    6. Development and deployment of algorithms and control systems on the basis of operating microprocessor means.
    7. Systems of autonomous power supply about use of nonconventional renewables.
    8. Carrying out the analysis of atmospheric air, technological emissions and other gas environments on detection of harmful impurity and the recommendation about environment pollution abatement.

    In the course of training bachelors and undergraduates of faculty receive deep knowledge in the field of heattechnology, informatics, automation, economy, gain skills of work with computer facilities of modern level, and also participate at the international scientific conferences and exhibitions, take active part in scientific projects of chairs of faculty. Many graduates receive good language preparation that allows them to work in various representations and firms of foreign countries.

    Graduates of faculty work practically at all thermal power plants of Kazakhstan, research design institutes and the enterprises of a power profile of the country, and also in the near and far abroad and many achieved big successes in labor activity. For example, graduates of TEU chair and Zhabagin A.A. faculty. – President of republican innovative fund, Orazbayev B. E. – Chairman of the board of JSC Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy, Daukeev G. Zh. – the rector of AIES, Syrgabayev I.A – the director of ACHPPs-1, Sabyrkulov B. A. – the director of ACHPPs-2, Karpov D.P. - the director of ACHPPs-3, Tyutebayev S. S. – the Head of department of power and municipal services of Almaty, Musabekov R. A. - department chair of ITS, Kibarin A. A. - department chair of HPI and other.

    050013, Almaty, Baitursynuly str. 126, Building B-227

    Phone: +7 (727) 2925453

    Email: tef@aipet.kz