Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunicationswas founded on January,10 1997 from the base of Almaty Energy Institute (AEI), existed from 1975 to 1997. AUPET is the first not-state technical university with non-profit organization status. The education is taught on Kazakh and Russian languages. From the 2013 2 specialties: «Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications» and «Electrical Engineering» have been taught on English language. In 1989 Almaty Energy Institute was the first in Kazakhstan and one of the few in Soviet Union that was certified by the commission of State Inspection of State Education of the USSR. High training level of specialists at AEI was officially recognized on a Union level, and that is an indubitable success of students, professors and university administration staff. In May 1996 by the resolution of the government of Republic of Kazakhstan a large-scale reorganization of higher educational institutes system was held: Almaty Energy University became a part of Kazakh National Technical University as a structural unit - «Educational-science complex of energy and telecommunications» (ESC ET). In May, 1997 ESC ET was reorganized to Almaty Institute of Power Engineering and Telecommunications with non-profit joint-stock company status. Gumarbek Zhusupbekovich Daukeev was elected as the rector of new institute. Since the July 2010 Almaty Institute of Power Engineering and Telecommunications has obtained the status of university with the right to prepare Masters and PhDs and new name – Non-Profit joint-stock company «Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications» (AUPET).

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AUPET – is one of the few universities of Kazakhstan that prepares high class specialists in the field of energy, telecommunications and IT in the whole region of Middle Asia.

University prepares specialists for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD’s specialties.

University prepares specialists in the following main fields according to classificatory of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Space Engineering and Technology;
  • Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications;
  • Heat Power Engineering;
  • Electrical Engineering;
  • Computer Engineering and Software;
  • Information systems;
  • Informatics;
  • Automation and Control;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Life Safety and Environmental Protection;
  • Information Security Systems;
  • Agriculture Power Supply.

AUPET graduates actively participate in Bolazhak program, study and get Master’s degree, PhD’s degree at universities of CIS as well as at leading foreign universities. AUPET graduates successfully find jobs according to obtained specialty not only in Kazakhstan, but also in countries of near and far abroad: Russia, Germany and other countries of European Union, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Israel etc.

University has 3 buildings, located in close proximity from each other. Buildings are respectively called «Building А» (more southern) and «Building B» (more northern), between them is located «Building C», that was built in 2010 and renamed in honor of the first rector of Not-Profit JCS «AUPET» Daukeev G.Zh. For convenience, all buildings are connected by passages. There are also 3 dormitories, accommodating up to 1200 people.

The first rector of Almaty Energy Institute – was a PhD of technical sciences, Professor Albert Vasilevich Bolotov, who led the institute for 10 years. For these years, Institute became one of the leading universities of Republic, the third energy university of the USSR (after Moscow and Ivanovo energy universities).

  • In 1985 a PhD of technical sciences Alexander Fedorovich Bogatyrev was assigned as the rector of Almaty Energy Institute.
  • From 1994 to 1996 the institute led a a PhD of technical sciences, Professor German Gennadyevich Trofimov. In 1996 Almaty Energy University became a part of Kazakh National Technical University as a structural unit - «Educational-science complex of energy and telecommunications» (ESC ET).
  • Sagintayeva Saule Savyetovna

    Rector from January, 24 2017.

    Doctor of Economic Sciences, Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Professor in Mathematics,
    Academician of the International Academy of Information.

    Daukeev Gumarbek Zhusupbekovich

    rector in 1996, 1997—2014 years
    historically the fourth rector, the first rector of Non-Profit JSC "AUPET". In 1996-1997 he served as director of educational-science complex of energy and telecommunications of KazNTU. From April 1997 – the rector of Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications.

    Bakenov Kairat Asangalyevich

    rector in 2014-2016

    Candidate of Engineering Sciences

    Syrgaliev Erzhan Omirhanovich

    rector of AUPET from April, 15 2016 to January,23 2017

    candidate of physical-mathematical sciences

    Address: Almaty, A.Baityrsynov str.,126

    Phone: +7(727) 292 07 72
    Fax: +7(727) 292 50 57