What you need to know while enrolling at "AUPET" magistracy?

What you need to know while enrolling in profile and scientific-pedagogical magistracy?

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List of magistracy specialties.

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Cost of tuition

Cost of tuition under the reimbursable service provision agreements while enrolling in 2017 year.

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Application documents

Admission of documents for magistracy entrants is carried from July, 10 to July, 30 of c.y.

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Our potential

If you apply at AUPET, You will have a unique chance to get 2 diplomas.

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Cost of living at student dormitories

Dormitory № 1 and dormitory № 2А, № 2B and 3 (superior).

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Contact information:

A. Baytursynov str., 126

+7 (727) 292 03 03


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