Welcome to the web-site of Almaty university of power engineering and telecommunications!

You have become a part of big and friendly team of AUPET – is one of the leading higher educational establishments with technical focus in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The history of foundation and development of Almaty university of power engineering and telecommunications was started in 1960 году, when at Kazakh polytechnical institute was originated an power engineering faculty for the preparation of power engineers. In 1975 y. faculty was turned into separate hee – Almaty power engineering institute. Since then and to this day Almaty university of power engineering and telecommunications is a leader of preparation of personnel for power engineering, aerospace and IT-sectors of economics in national education system and in post-Soviet area.

AUPET today – is a quality education and advanced knowledge, relevant academic researches and real student projects.

AUPET today – is a hee, recognized by the state and society, academical and professional community, that is approved by state attestation of hee and accreditation of all its educational programs.

AUPET – is more than 40 thousand successfull graduates, who take administration positions in government bodies, work on all levels of real sector of economics, science and education, contributing to their development. AUPET – is a student life, full of great victories in study and sport, bright events and unforgettable activities.

AUPET follows the principle: «Education - through life» - and implements continuous eduation cycle: «College - Baccalaureate - Magistrate - PhD doctorate - MBA - Continuing education of engineering and pedagogical personnel».

Diploma of AUPET – is a guarantee of quality and key of successful employment! All work of university is directed on the creation of modern conditions on a level of international standards for study, personnal growth and professional development of students.

AUPET has extensive international ties and provides great opportunities for students and pedagogues to study and pass internships at partner-hees.

I wish entrants a right choice for future profession, students, masters and PhDs - a successful study, and colleagues - a productive work in performing the high mission: bringing up of decent citizens of our country, аnd of all us together – set high goals and confidently keep up with the times.

Saule Sagintayeva, Rector of NJSC «AUPET»

Rector of Almaty university of pwer engineering and telecommunications

Sagintayeva Saule Savyetovna
professor of mathematics, candidate of physics and mathematics sciences, doctor of economics sciences, academician of International academy of informatization.

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