Main Science Department (SD) Customers

List of the Main Customers and the amount of executed work

Customers Number of topics
Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan 6
State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan 1
Alatau Zharyk Company JSC 3
"iQS Engineering" ("Tayan") JSC 2
JSC "Kazakhmys Corporation» 3
Atyrau-Zharyk JSC 1
"KazTransGaz Onimderi" LLC 1
"Galanz bottlers" LLP 1
Batys Transit JSC 1
Others (Universities, JSC etc.) 10
Number of topics,
Total cost of current contracts
231, 93 mln. KZT
Two international agreements between AUPET and Energy Centre Bratislava (Slovakia) were signed in 2016. 30 940,0 EUR

Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan sponsored 6 of grant projects with total cost of 682.14 ths KZT. 71 employees (including 30 teaching fellows, 12 BSc, MSc, PhD students) were involved into budgetary project execution, and 89 people were involved into self-accounted projects (including 62 teaching fellows, 16 BSc, MSc, PhD students).

Overall R&D projects financial output in 2016 is estimated around 0.5 mln KZT per 1 teaching fellow).

AUPET scientific and technical projects in 2016 under budgetary program 217 “Science development”, subprogram 102 “Scientific research grant funding

Project TitleResearch Supervisor
1Design of the individual, local and distributed autonomous integrated power supply system based on domestic single-block and poligenerational units.Stoyak Vyacheslav Vladimirovich
2Development of boiler KV-GM-125 with two tiers of windows screens and new convective package of pipes based on previous PTVM 100 model boilers with accommodation in the same cell and integration with existing technological pipelines, burners, flue pipes and the supporting frameworkOrumbayev Rakhimzhan Kabievich
3Ensuring environmental safety of energy systems in Kazakhstan through reduction of the risks related to glaze-wind accidentsDyusebaiyev Marat Kanafievich
4Enhancement of capacity and controllability of the Kazakhstan’s National Power Grid through active-adaptive grid construction.Tokhtibayev Karmel Kamilovich
5Development and implementation of a pilot project of the integrated automated control system for Taldykorgan city heating complexYerenchinov Kagazbek Kalykbayevich
6Analysis of historical experience and issues of development of the Kazakhstani military defense industrial complex.Dzhagfarov Nispek Rakhimzhanovich

Departments and divisions making major contribution in 2016:

  1. RPFEC TRL – research supervisor A.A. Zhakupov, executive B.A. Zhumagazin, K.K. Tohtibakiev, total research amount – 103 435,18 ths KZT;
  2. Renewable energy and new technologies in energy conservation Center – research supervisor V.V. Stoyak, total research amount – 17 682,84 ths KZT;
  3. Water technologies and chemical water modes Center – research supervisor Burzaikin V.U., total research amount – 11 471,2 ths KZT;
  4. Testing Labaratory – research supervisor Sanatova T.S. – total research amount – 13 192,48 ths KZT;
  5. Process automation control system (PACS) TRL – The Head K.K. Erenchinov, total research amount – 33 200 ths KZT;
  6. Department of Heat Power Engineering - 35 610,0 ths KZT;
  7. Department of Electric Power Engineering – 6 300,0 ths KZT;
  8. Department of AeroSpace and Information Technologies – 6 316,47 ths KZT.

Contact information:

Almaty, Baityrsynova str.126, building A - 223
8 (727) 292-90-55

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