Department for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility

Incoming mobility, reviews

At the beginning of January I went to study to Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications. The university is situated in the beautiful and sunny town Almaty surrounded by Alatau Mountains, the beauty of which is beyond words.

The educational process in AUPET differed from that in Russia. It was extremely interesting for me to attend the training lessons in laboratories-except the most modern and advanced equipment we used to work at our university, I had a chance to train on older non-programed technologies that helped me to understand the very core of the subject.

Department for international cooperation and academic mobility represented by Apenova Aigul Sagalbaevna helped me a lot, giving answers to all my questions and advice. I would like to say them “Rakhmet”.

I had managed to see the main difference on practical and laboratory lessons , when we were studying courses divided into sub-groups. It was the exact way to get right skills –the teacher worked with a small group of students , explained everything and helped if you were unable to cope with the task.

Also every student was given an extensive task for the whole academic period to perform it stage –by-stage. So we had to fulfill 3 different tasks or a large one divided into 3 parts. The so-called “Graphical calculation”. Also twice a semester we had to pass “Midterm Examination” – a mini-examination on subjects you had went through .To my opinion such a kind of system was very convenient – it allowed to pass your papers in time and discuss arising practical and educational aspects with your teachers; enabled a team-work ; moreover, the midterm examination helped to review the courses in order to memorize them well. Teachers had an opportunity to publish in their course web-pages different tasks in structured fashion, comment and evaluate them.

Students organisations hold different events at the university and in the city every week: sports, entertaining, social engagements, programming competitions.

The university campus contained, several buildings all of them were equipped well.The university campus was situated in one of the central streets –Baitursynov Street, from which you could see the highest peaks of mountains that I fell in love with.

There were several dormitories, situated in within walking distance of university. I lived in the dormitory for Master Students- a two room section for 3-4 people. Very clean and comfortable.

One of the main benefits of studying in Kazakhstan were low prices for travel, accommodation and food expenses. Portions in cafes and snack bars were huge. It was no surprise because Kazakh people liked meat very much and the national cuisine consisted mainly of noodle and meat, especially lamb which I tasted for the first time there and beef and horse meat. And as I had understood- in every unpredictable situations Kazakh people drinked tea.

Almaty is the southern capital of Kazakhstan a city accounting a population about one and a half million, economic and cultural center of republic. Surrounded by snow-crowned half-ring of mountain chain Zailiyskiy Alatau , it charms with its uniqueness. Alpine meadows, tian-shan spruce, gardens are framing it ornamentally. You can observe the whole city from the high hill Koktobe – a panorama of straightly drawn , green neighborhoods ; beautiful skyscrapers shoot upwards into the bright blue sky .Almaty is a garden-city. Almaty is especially beautiful in spring, when everything is blooming. And how nice is winter, which is not very long but frosty and snowy.

The south capital of Kazakhstan is welcoming and generous. I liked people very much- a very hospitable nation, always ready to come to help.

I would like to say that this journey gave me a lot. I had seen the mountains for the first time and liked them so much, so I plan to continue conquering new summits.

I have met nice people, found many new friends, as I hope for the lifelong. I had discovered absolutely different new world. And of course I had learnt a lot of new. To my mind everybody should visit this country.

As for me I would like to express my gratitude for that possibility to my home university and to Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications.

Outgoing mobility Bialstok University of Technology

Belostock. Main square.

Czesc! We are Master Degree Students from Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications – Latyp Aiganym and Berdykulova Aiken.We were lucky to have a nice chance to study at Byalistock Technical University by exchange mobility program. BTU is one of the biggest technical universities in the north-east of Poland, existing more than 65 years. BUT includes 7 Faculties; amounts about 12 thousand students and more than 600 academic staff.

Electrical Engineering Faculty

The university is located in a very beautiful town Byalystok-the largest town in the north-east of Poland situated on the Byalostok Uplands of the North-Podlyask plain, this region is also famous as Green lungs of Poland.The air is really clean, absolutely everobody rides a bysicle, there are many parks. And there is a forest close to the town. The climate is wet and continental, so it rains a lot and you often feel cold.

The university is fitted with all the necessary equipment , every faculty has free Wi-Fi , all the teachers are proficient in English language quite well and provide courses in an easily accessible form. We attend courses at the Electrotechnical and Mechanical Faculties and Faculty of Information Technologies, located in a five minute distance from the hostel. There is a big library in the university campus , where you can attend foreign language courses; moreover, you can join the sport center in your free time. The university is a participant of Erasmus Plus Program, so you can meet here students from different countries of the world, such as the USA, Spain, Portugal, France, India, China, Norway, African countries and others.

As Poland is one of the countries of the Shengen Area, you have a possibility to visit at the weekend other European countries and other cities of Poland such as Warsaw and Krakov, which are famous for their palaces and museums. We had taken a guided tour at the weekend to Krakov, where we met students from Kazakhstan , studying in Poland. We liked the town very much, you can really call it a museum town. We had visited the Vavel palace, a university, where Nikolai Copernicus studied and many other sites.

Students from Kazakhstan who study in Poland. Meeting on a tour in Krakow.

"Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse

On hearing about the competition for academic mobility exchange at Ruse University ( Bulgaria) which was held in our university for the first time, many students desired to enter the list. At last 10 people were selected – 9 Bacelor degree students doing courses on Power engineering, Automation and control, Instrumentation and Information security system and one Master degree student doing a course on Automation and control.

Angel Kanchev Ruse University is one of the leading multidisciplinary higher education organizations in Bulgaria which accounts 8 faculties, 28 buildings, 6 dormitories, 404 teachers and 10000 students. All the lecture rooms, including laboratories and computer classes are equipped based on the most advanced technologies in the field of electronics, computer technologies and power engineering. After finishing the university graduates get European diploma.

Our plane landed in coastal town Burgas. Hospitable representatives of university met us at the airport and drove to our destination- Ruse. We were accommodated at the dormitory which was situated in the university campus. The staff members of the receiving university helped us to adjust to a new city and education system in general. Everybody of us loved Ruse - a quiet town on the bank of river Danube with stunning architecture which make to name it “a small Vienna” will not allow anybody stay indifferent. We also liked local people and foreign students from Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand and Poland who were always friendly and ready to help.

All the students from our university studied by individual program. The lessons were conducted in English. It should be mentioned that the teaching staff of Ruse university had done everything to give us the necessary knowledge. We took active participation in scientific conferences and exhibitions (Siemens, National Instruments) and in the events organized by Department for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility.

Apart from study time our group managed to visit the places that Bulgaria is famous for. We visited Varna which is situated on the coast of Black sea, historic town Veliko Tyrnovo and of course, the capital city Sofia. We got a deep impression of every corner of Bulgaria infused with special charm and beauty. Academic mobility program study gave us a great life experience. During our stay in Bulgaria we had improved our knowledge in the field of professional practice, because we had studied using modern technologies. It is worth mentioning that we improved the knowledge of English language to a considerable degree. As a whole, education abroad according to European standard provided us with new competencies and skills that would be useful in the future.