Mission of Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications:

«Training of highly qualified specialists in the field of power engineering and telecommunications, who meets the needs of national and global markets of intellectual labour»

University set for itself the following objectives and tasks, directed on mission implementation.

    AUPET objectives:
  • satisfaction of real and possible customer needs on a base of high quality educational services;
  • incresing of university staff capacity with the highest qualified specialists and creation of laboratory base for perspective training directions;
  • expansion of training spectrum of highly demanded specialists on labour markets, including overseas, by new educational programs;
  • development of regional and international cooperation in the field of science, education and integration of new technologies;
  • воспитание молодёжи в духе гражданственности и патриотизма, интеллектуально обогащёнными и высоконравственными личностями.
    AUPET tasks:
  • constant enhancement of educational process organization on training, retraining and continuing education;
  • systematical study of real and possible demands of students, orders, including potential consumers;
  • satisfaction of societal needs in qualified graduate and post-graduate specialists and scientific pedagogical personnel with higher qualification;
  • organization and realization of researches and scientific elaborations, directed on increase of society intellect potential and education quality;
  • extension of science, expert and consulting services spectrum, perfomances of engineering and technological works;
  • definition and enhancement of measures and directions on student social defend, creation of conditions for harmonious development of personality;
  • systematical strengthen and renewal of scientific-methodological, scientific, laboratory and material-technical base;
  • constant improvement of university activities results on the base of international quality management system standarts.


By the results of recertification audit of Non-commercial Joint-stock company «Almaty Unversity of Power Engineering and Telecommunications» by administration of certificate Association «Russian Register» it was decided to issue certificates (international IQNet and this Association № 15.0о72.026 from February, 10 2015 y.), certified correspondance between quality management system of university and requirements of the internationa standart ISO 9001:2008, for a additional period of 3 years.
By the decision of Accreditational union of National Accreditational center of RK from 24.12.2009 y. institute is accredited for a period of 5 years (certificate of institutional accreditation №3 from 3.02.2010 year).

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Факс: +7(727) 292 50 57

E-mail: aipet@aipet.kz