Educational-methodological department (hereinafter referred to as department) is a structural subdivision of university.

The department is set up for the purpose of providing the effective organization and management of educational process at University

The EMD carries out its activities in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the university Statute, the decisions of the Board of Directors, administration, the Academic Council, orders, instructions and directions of the rector, vice- rectors, the present regulations.

The department obeys directly to the vice-rector in educational and methodological work of the University.

The Educational-methodological department includes:

EMW Educational-methodological work
QMS Quality management system
VQES Vocational guidance and employment center
CO Copy office
  • Implementation of educational process perspective planning teaching process in higher education institution, and also the educational activity analysis of the University.
  • Development of pilot curricula and updating of existing curricula.
  • Coordination of educational process, all types and forms of education.
  • Planning and correction the process of faculty advanced training and two-degree education (F) of the University.
  • Organization, planning and correction of basis of methodological support of educational process.
  • Organization of process of studies of MSc, PhDs
  • Organization of carrying out the work practice of students.
  • Organization, planning of university publishing activities, and also planning of technical literature acquisition.
  • Editing process in preparing of materials for publishing.
  • Coordination and planning of laboratory equipment modernization.
  • Ensuring effective quality management of the teaching process at the University.
  • Integration, identification and interaction establishment of all University quality management system elements.
  • Demonstration to the consumers, partners and certification body correspondence of quality management system to ISO 9001-2008 international standard requirements.


  • Perspective planning of educational process, development of pilot curricula and updating of existing curricula:
  • Control of timely working out making up of curricula in all forms and types of training.
  • Checking up and correction of curricula correspondence of curricula to type plans and state standards.
  • Compiling the catalogue of elective disciplines.
  • Calculation of Departments’ teaching load, analysis and correction of these calculations.
  • Distribution of the teaching stuff among the University Departments.
  • Compliance control of the teaching stuff academic load order to calculation of teaching load hours of teaching staff
  • Control of execution of an academic load by teachers of the Departments.
  • Control of execution of hourly loading of the Department teaching staff.
  • Control of timely registration of hourly loading by the teachers of the University.
  • Checking the plans up of teaching work made by dean's offices on specialties, and their compliance to working curricula.
  • Working out of the time-table for all forms of studies.
  • Working out of the time-table of the examinations taking into account offers of dean's remarks.
  • Database preparation on auditorium fund of the University.
  • Development of pilot curricula for new standards.
  • Planning and correction of advanced training of university professor-teaching staff:
  • The organization of teachers sending to faculties of advanced training under heis and institute of advanced training under universitiesх
  • Organization of specialists from other higher education institutions and organizations attachment for holding research probation period and to render assistance to them in professional development and carrying out research.
  • Planning and organization of methodological support for the educational process:
  • Formation and correction of publications plans of methodical learning aids of the University
  • Systematic control Implementation of author's manuscripts submission to LMU according to publications plan.
  • Implementation of educational and methodological literature of technical editing, information and normative materials.
  • Implementation of timely and high-quality fulfillment of orders for publishing teaching, methodological, scientific, preprinted forms and office documentation of University divisions.
  • Making the marketing analysis of manuals, teaching aids sales and type programs.
  • Planning, control and monitoring of educational activity of subjects trained in accordance with the University programs:
  • The organization and coordination of educational process for all types and forms of education.
  • The organization of carrying out students’ professional practices, in appropriate organizations that are the bases of practices.
  • The organization of internal ensuring quiality system, based on standards and guidances for ensuring the quility of higher and postgraduate education in European integration of higher education includes:
    1. policy in the field of quality ensuring;
    2. development and approval of programs;
    3. student-oriented education, teaching and assessment;
    4. acceptance of students, perfomance, approval and certification;
    5. teaching staff;
    6. educational resources and students support system;
    7. information control;
    8. public awareness;
    9. constant monitoting and periodical programs assessment;
    10. periodical external quaility ensuring.
Full namePosition
1Muhamedzhanova Rufina RinatovnaEMD director
2Erzhan Asel Anuar kyzyDeputy director for QMS
3Dyusebayeva Asem Askarovnaspecialist
4Turlybekova Zhazira NurbekovnaHead of the sector of organization and quality controlс
5Kasenova Aliya Nasyrovnaspecialist
6Ospangaziyevna Torgyn Bakytovnaspec. 2/kat.
7Tulegenova Orynsha Zholdygaliyevnaspecialist
8Auyelbayeva Galiyabanu Kozhanovnaspecialist
9Tananova Dana Dastan kyzymethodist
10Tumanova Akbota Askarovnaspecialist
11Nauruzova Zhanat Saparbekovnaspecialist
12Utepova Saltanat Elemesovnaspecialist
13Iztleyova Zhuldyzeditor
14Nurzhaubayeva Gulsaya Sakenovnaspecialist
15Bogomolova Lidiya Georgiyevnaspecialist
16Goleva Natalya Mikhaylovnaspecialist
17Moldabekova Nazgul Kusaynovnaspecialist
18Slastikhina Lyudmila Titovnaspecialist
19Zhigulin Yuriy TimofeyevichChief of the VGES
20Elashkina Natalya Valeriyevnaspecialist
21Baymamirova Nargiz Nishanbekovnaspecialist
22Nauryz Bayrzhan Kusainovichspecialist
23Porcheva Irina Aleksandrovnaspecialist
24Porcheva Olga AleksandrovnaHead of the CB
25Abenova Meruyert Arkakyzytechician

Аddress: Almaty, Baitursynuly str. 126, Building A-201.

Phone: 8(727)-292-43-12, 8(727)-292-03-03