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“Digitalization of Kazakhstan as one of the means of combating corruption” was held in the reading room of the AUES library

On October 9, 2019, a seminar on the topic: “Digitalization of Kazakhstan as one of the means of combating corruption” was held in the reading room of the library. Almaty city branch of the Public Organization “National Movement Against Corruption” ZHAGARU “took part in the seminar. The purpose of this event was to organize a platform for coordinating joint anti-corruption activities in modern society, the targeted implementation and phased development of anti-corruption education and upbringing as one of the most important factors in the formation of a legal culture.

Actual issues of the implementation of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”, global threats and opportunities that the digital era brings for the economy of Kazakhstan were considered during the seminar. Full automation of the risk management system should be the ultimate goal of digitalization. At the same time, a special place in the prevention of corruption is given to the implementation of moral and ethical principles such as honesty, integrity, without which the rule of law is impossible, into the minds of young people.

Members of the Council of the city branch of the Public Association “Zhanaru”, university management, teachers, university students and other guests attended the seminar.      The moderator of the seminar was K.K.Uskenov, Director of the National anti-corruption compain “ZHAGARU”. The vice-rector for educational work of AUES im. G. Daukeeva Makhmutov S.K. Musapirova G.D., Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, AUES, made a report “The digital transformation of energy – a panacea for corruption or an illusion”      It is important to note that the ongoing anti-corruption measures show the relevance, importance and indicate that the anti-corruption consciousness of our society is developing and strengthening.

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