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Automation and control

The graduate is awarded an academic degree  «Bachelor of Engineering and Technology» in the speciality «5В070200- Automation and control»
Educational programs
Automaion and information in control systems;
– Automation and control in energy sector.
Obligatory disciplines:
-Modern history of Kazakhstan;
-Foreign language;
-Kazakh (russian) language;
-Information and communication technologies  (in English);
-Professional Kazakh (russian) language;
-Professional oriented foreign language;
-Мath I;
-Мath II;
-Physics I;
-Physics II;
-Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering.
Elective courses:
-Environmental sustainability and safety of life;
-Environmental and technological safety;
-Fundamentals of computer drawing in Autocad;
-Basics of 3-D modeling in Autocad;
-Social institutions of modern society: politics,law,religion;
-The political-legal and socio-cultural foundations of society;
-Theoretical economics and economic practice;
-Kazakhstan model of social and economic development;
-Graphical programming in problems of measurement and automation;
-Software for automation systems;
-Technologies of programming;
-Algoritmization and programming;
-Probability theory and mathematical statistics;
-Mathematical prosessing of results;
-Microelectronic devices;
-The theory of quadripoles;
-Circuits with the distributed and concentrated parameters;
-Metrology, standardization, certification and quality management;
-Metrology and measurement;
-Elements and devices of automation;
-Technical means of automation;
-Occupational Safety;
-Safety of production processes;
-Database management systems;
-Database design;
-Technical means of measurement;
-Technological measurements and devices;
-Bases of collecting and information transfer;
-Applied information theory;
-Programming of digital technology and control world-controllers;
-Software plc;
-Modeling and identification of control objects;
-Objects modeling of control systems;
-Automation of standard technological processes and productions;
-Automation of objects control;
-Microprocessor systems in control systems;
-Fundamentals of distributed control systems;
-Research of automatic control systems;
-Calculation of automatic control systems;
-System software and programming;
-General heat engineering;
-Protection methods of information in CS;
-Computer networks in CS;
-Technological bases of heat production;
-Computing systems and networks;
-Economics and organization management;
-Economics and production organization;
-Basics of building scada – systems;
-Software and hardware control systems;
-Fundamentals of software engineering;
-Fundamentals of reliability of control systems;
-Design automation systems;
-Automated control systems of manufacturing processes;
-Fundamentals of diagnostic objects of power and control systems;
-Methods and means of protection of heat engineering equipment;
-Typical design solutions of control systems;
-Automation objects TPP.
Profiling disciplines:
-Linear systems of automatic control;
-Nonlinear systems of automatic control.
Material and technical base
To consolidate the knowledge and the acquisition of practical skills of one of the most important areas of work of the department is the continuous introduction into the process of learning new laboratory stands and modern software.
The department has the following educational laboratories:
-Laboratory measurement and control systems;
-Laboratory of information processing;
-Laboratory of New Information Technologies;
-Laboratory of Automation of engineering systems;
-Laboratory Sсada-system;
-Laboratory of microprocessor systems.

Students undergo industrial training at the following companies

«Zeinet», «VerBulak» LLP, JCS «Аtyrau zharyk», Joint-stock company «Kentau Transformer Plant», «Saiman» LLP, Joint-stock company «Almaty power stations», The «Almatinskiye Interregional Transmission Networks» Branch of «KEGOC».


Graduates work

The graduates successfully find employment not only in our country but also in neighboring countries and far-abroad countries. In Kazakhstan, our graduates are in demand:
-in various departments and at various positions (including senior) in domestic and foreign companies using automated and robotized processes;
-in state institutions – ministries, provincial and other departments, law enforcement agencies (Ministry of Interior, the National Security Committee, tax and financial police) and other structures;
-at the enterprises of fuel-energy complex, telecommunications, mechanical engineering and other fields of industrial production;
-in banks and other financial institutions at different levels.
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