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Grants and scholarships of the AUES University

Graduates Alumni Grant
Scholarship after the first rector of the NAO AUES
JSC Samruk-Energo scholarship
Presidential scholarship

The President’s scholarship is aimed at: encouraging students to engage in research activities; support of the most talented and gifted students and undergraduates; assistance in the formation of intellectual potential.
State Scholarship

It is stipulated for students and undergraduates who have finished the examination session only on “excellent” grades, they receive a scholarship with a 15% bonus. In addition, there are other bonuses depending on the social status of the student.
Minimum state scholarship

According to the results of the first examination session, a student who has “excellent” and “good” grades, will receive a scholarship in the future. If a student has only “excellent” grades during session, next semester he will receive an increased scholarship.
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