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Life safety and environmental protection

The graduate is awarded an academic degree “Bachelor of Technics and Technology, specialty 5В073100 -” Life Safety and Environmental Protection”
Bachelor’s degree in “Life safety and environmental protection” is a qualified specialist capable of solving any problems related to ensuring human security in its interaction with the technosphere and the environment.
Material and technical base
Educational and research laboratories for industrial sanitation, electrical safety and prevention of emergency situations;
  1. Research laboratory “Industrial ecology”;
  2. Laboratory A-117;
  3. Laboratory A-119;
  4. Laboratory B-130.
Laboratory А-117
  1. Industrial sanitation (research microclimate parameters, the study efficiency insulation, vibration isolation, and illumination study al.);
  2. ” Research of the efficiency of the breathing apparatus D-2″;
  3. ” Research of methods of providing first aid to the victims”;
  4. ” Research of industrial vibration and vibration isolation efficiency “;
  5. ” Determination of harmful gases in the air in industrial premises”;
  6. ” Protection against industrial noise “;
  7. ” Research of meteorological conditions of industrial premises “;
  8. ” Research of the electrical resistance of the human body “;
  9. ” Research of the efficiency of zeroing “;
  10. ” Research of the protective grounding of electrical installations”;
  11. ” Control of electrical insulation “;
  12. ” Research of the dustiness working area “.
Laboratory А-119
Occupational safety (electrical safety, including the research of the effectiveness of zeroing, operating time of the fuse-link, resistance of the human body, resistance to grounding, etc.)
  1. There are stands “Protective grounding and zeroing – ЗЗЗ1-С-Р”; “Electrical safety in electrical installations up to 1000 V – EBEU2-S-R”; “Basic electrical safety – OEB1-S-R”, which contain the following units (modules):
  2. Zeroing model;
  3. Earth fault model;
  4. Electric network section model;
  5. Protective grounding model;;
  6. Protective switch-off model;
  7. Model of the human body for the study of electrical resistance;
  8. Grounding measurement model;
  9. Insulation monitoring device;
  10. Model of measuring the resistance of the human body.
Laboratory B-130
Test Accredited Laboratory for Industrial Ecology and Occupational Safety
  1. Multicomponent analyzer “Cascade electrochemical” for measurement of CO, NO concentrations, NO2, SO2 in the working area;
  2. Universal analyzer GANK-4 (KPGU 413 322 002 RE) for automatic continuous control of harmful substances in the air, in the working area, in industrial emissions and processes for environmental protection, labor safety and process optimization
  3. Manometric system for determination of BOD;
  4. Multifunctional instrument for measurements in ventilation systems Testo 435;
  5. Flue gas analyzer Testo 340 for monitoring all types of emissions by operators of fuel-burning plants at industrial plants and in combined heat and power plant;
  6. Sound meter Testo 816 for measuring the sound level;
  7. Sensor for measuring the oxygen Cellox 325;
  8. Oxygen meter рН/Oxi 34 Oi ;
  9. The noise and vibration meter VSHV-003-M2;
  10. Electric aspirator PU-3E “220” is designed to provide air sampling to determine the content of dust and aerosols by pumping a predetermined volume of the sample through the filters of the type APA (or other). The device is used for sanitary and environmental control of air in the working area and atmospheric air.

What will we teach?

This is only a small part of the skills that you will get from us
-Development, implementation and operation of technological systems, networks and equipment intended for the implementation of life safety, environmental protection, protection in emergency situations;
-Assessment of technical, environmental and economic efficiency in the implementation of activities that ensure life safety and environmental protection;
-Expert examination and audit of economic and other activities of enterprises, organizations and citizens. project.

By whom and where will you work?

  1. Enterprises and organizations that have an impact on natural, technogenic, social, information systems and their components;
  2. water, land, biotic and other resources; factors that determine safety of life, environmental protection;
  3. organizations involved in the development, implementation and operation of technological systems, networks and protection in emergency situations; allowing to prevent fire, ecological, chemical, radiation and other hazards of design institutes, offices, firms and other economic objects.


Practical base

JSC « Intergas Central Asia», LLP Smart Engineering, JSC «KEGOC», ТОО «Ecology Engeneering», Departments of Ecology in Almaty, JSC “Tartyp”, RSI «Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan», JSC «ТАТЕК», RSE «Research and Development Center Gharysh Ecology», LLP «BASYERCONSTRUCTION», City government (СG) “Service of firefighting and rescue works of the Department for Emergency Situations in Almaty, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, LLP Antal, JSC AlES, LLP TB Consulting, Departments of ecology in Zhambyl region, LLP Tengizchevroil, JSC Institute “KazNIPI Energoprom”, JSC KazTransGas Aima and others.