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Computer systems and software engineering

The graduate is awarded the «Bachelor» in the specialty 5В071600 – «Computer systems and software engineering» academic degree.
The purpose of the specialty educational program is to train highly qualified IT specialists for the accelerated innovative development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The objectives of the specialty educational program are:
-design of the hardware architecture of the hardware and software systems and the corresponding human-machine interfaces;
-application of computer facilities, programming tools for the implementation of computer information processing and management systems;
-designing elements of mathematical, information and software components for objects of professional activity;
-creation and research of mathematical and software models of computing and information processes related to the functioning of objects of professional activity;
-selection and implementation of mathematical models, processes and systems by means of computer technology;
-selection of technology, software tools and computer facilities in the organization of the process of development and research of objects of professional activity;
-installation, configuration and maintenance of system, instrumental and applied software, computer facilities and computer systems for information processing and management;
-maintenance of software products, computer systems for information processing and management.
Based on the acquired knowledge and skills, students of the specialty 5В070400 – Information systems of the Almaty  University of Power Engineering and Communications annually participate in the Republican competitions of scientific research papers, subject Olympiads, creative competitions and place high in those events.
Within the framework of specialty 5B070400 – Information Systems, the Department of IT-Engineering cooperates with the following foreign universities and research organizations:
– Lublin University of Technology (Poland),
– Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science “Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, RAS»(Russia),
– Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (Belarus),
– Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Russia),
– National Aviation University of Ukraine (Ukraine), etc.
Educational programs (specializations) within the specialty:
-Software engineering;
-Computer engineering.
Mandatory disciplines:
  1. Algorithmization and programming
  2. Information and communication technologies (in English)
  3. Architecture and organization of computer systems
  4. System Programming
  5. Electronics
  6. Software Development Tools
  7. Digital Circuitry
  8. Mathematics
  9. Modern history of Kazakhstan
  10. Foreign language
  11. Kazakh (Russian) language
  12. Physics
  13. Professional Kazakh (Russian) languag
  14. Philosophy
  15. Professionally-oriented foreign language
Elective disciplines:
  1. Health and Safety for IT professionals
  2. Social institutions of modern society: politics, law, religion
  3. Languages ​​and programming technologies
  4. Computer graphics and animation
  5. Operating Systems
  6. Discrete mathematics in programming
  7. Component approach in programming
  8. Web technologies
  9. Development of client web applications
  10. Object-oriented programming
  11. Programming in Java
  12. Theory of electrical circuits
  13. Database Design
  15. Computer networks
  16. Basics of building network infrastructures
  17. System administration of servers
  18. Administration of Linux-based high-performance computing systems
  19. iOS application development
  20. Android application development
  21. Economics and accounting basics in 1C
  22. Economics and management in the ICT industry
  23. Cryptographic information security fundamentals
  24. Information security and data protection
  25. Server-side programming of web applications
  26. Modern DBMS in corporate systems
  27. Methods of using DBMS in Internet applications
  28. 3D technology
  29. Fundamentals of programming robotics devices
  30. Programming Arduino microcontroller boards
  31. Security of CISCO- based computer networks
  32. Network programming technologies
  33. Technologies for developing business applications
  34. Internet entrepreneurship
  35. Software Design Technologies
  36. Artificial Intelligence Systems
  37. Distributed and Cloud Computing
  38. Development of high-performance applications
  39. IP Telephony Systems
  40. Development of computer games
Students majoring in the specialty will have the knowledge and skills required for jobs related to:
  1. design and development of databases;
  2. the development of intelligent systems;
  3. security of computer networks and systems;
  4. web interface design;
  5. development of software for robotics devices;
  6. development of mobile applications;
  7. maintenance and testing of software products;
  8. the use of computer hardware and software for the implementation of information processing and management systems;
  9. designing elements of mathematical, information and software for objects of professional activity;
  10. Internet entrepreneurship;
  11. development of IT-strategies.
  12. administration of computer systems and networks.
Teaching methods.
Lectures, seminars and laboratory sessions use interactive multimedia technologies, as well as active teaching methods such as business games, case study, game lessons on machine models, thematic discussions, etc.    
Facilities and Resources:
  1. class of computer and network technologies based on Windows Server 2008, Linux, Windows 10 operating systems.
  2. Regional CISCO Academy.
  3. Kaspersky Laboratory.
  4. LabView software and hardware systems and ERP systems.
  5. Oracle Laboratory.

Intern in the following companies:

In the leading IT companies and in the structural divisions of state institutions such as the Institute of Information and Computing Technologies of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ALSI, LogyCom, Azimut Solutions, Kazakhtelecom, KCell, Beeline, Dalacom “,” Tele2 “, LLP” OMEGA.KZ “, LLP” Alfa technologies “, LLP” Newinttech “, LLP” NurBilim “, JSC” National Information Center “and other advanced, successfully developing organizations.


Graduates can hold following positions:

-Software Engineer;
-Application Software Engineer;
-Web Master;
-Programmer (computer);
-Software Developer;
-Software Support Specialist;
-Database Administrator;
-Database Engineer;
-System Engineer;
-Technical Consultant.


Graduates work:

– in the banking sector;
– in telecommunications and communications;
– in the energy sector;
– in the public sector;
– at universities
– in private companies.