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Electric power engineering

The graduate is awarded an academic degree “Bachelor of Electric Power Engineering”
The sphere of professional activity is the field of science and technology, which includes a set of technologies, means and methods of human activity aimed at creating conditions for the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity.
Objects of professional activity of graduates
Enterprises of production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electric power are objects of professional activity of graduates.
Graduates of the department can perform the following types of professional activities:  
organizational and managerial, production-technological, installation and commissioning, service and maintenance, design and design, experimental and research, etc.
Educational programs (specializations) within the specialty 5В071800 – Electric power engineering:
-“Electrical networks and systems”;
-“Electric stations”.
Elective disciplines:
1 year.
  1. Introduction to the specialty.
  2. Fundamentals of electric power engineering.
2 year
  1. Electrotechnical materials and products.
  2. Electrotechnical Materials Science.
  3. 3 year
  • Transient processes in the electric power industry.
  • Electromagnetic and electromechanical processes.
  • Electric stations.
  • Main and secondary equipment of power plants.
  • Electrical networks and systems.
  • Transmission of electrical energy.
  1. 4 year
  2. High voltage engineering.
  3. Insulation of electrical equipment and high voltage electrical installations.
  4. Installation and repair of equipment of power plants.
  5. Designing of power plants.
  6. Power storage.
  7. Operation of electrical equipment of power plants.
  8. Installation and repair of electrical equipment for electrical networks and systems.
  9. Designing of electrical networks and systems.
  10. Calculations of modes of electrical networks and systems.
  11. AC and DC power transmission.
  12. Basics of building SCADA systems at power plants.
  13. Basics of building SCADA systems in electrical networks.
Specialty students will gain knowledge of the following:
on prospects of development of electric power industry, computer technologies and modern software for electric power industry; technical characteristics, operating principles and design features of modern electric power equipment; methods of conducting theoretical and experimental studies; the fundamentals of marketing and management in the field of electric power; rules and regulations for the design, construction, installation and operation of power plants and electrical networks and systems; measures of life safety and environmental protection.
Methods of teaching
Lecture, practical and laboratory classes are conducted, respectively, in auditoriums equipped with multimedia projectors; in computer classes with the use of modern computer programs (RastrWin, TKZ-3000, PSCAD, etc.) and in the specialized laboratories of the department.
Material and technical base:
For specialized training of bachelors of specialties 5В071800 – “Electric power engineering” and undergraduates of specialty 6М071800 – “Electric power engineering”, 1 computer class (B230) and 5 educational laboratories function at the departmen:
-laboratory “High voltage engineering ” (room B102);
-laboratory “Insulations of electrical equipment” (room B117);
-laboratory “Operation of electrical equipment” (room B118);
-Laboratory “Electric stations and substations” (room B229);
-Laboratory “Electrotechnical materials” (room B232).

Students practice in the following companies:

JSC ALES, JSC AZhK, JSC KEGOK (9 branches), KazNIIPITES Institute Energia, JSC TATEK, JSC KTZ and other regional electric stations and electrical networks and systems.

Graduates can hold the following positions:

Graduates of the department can work in any state or private company, organization, enterprise, firm, etc., where electric energy is produced, transported, distributed and consumed. They can occupy the positions of engineer, deputy chief of electrical department, master, dispatcher, operator, etc. with a real career opportunity: from an ordinary electrician up to the main power engineer or the head of the enterprise.

Graduates work:

JSC ALEC, JSC AJK, JSC KE G OK (9 branches), KazNIIPITES Institute Energia, JSC TATEK, JSC Kentau Transformer Plant, JSC Atyrau zharyk companies, regional power distribution companies, SIEMENS and ABB, oil, construction companies and other industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Famous (known) graduates

  1. Ospanov Baurzhan Kenesbekovich – Chairman of the Board of the Corporation ZHERSU
  1. Iskakov Askar Kerzekovich – Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Corporation ZHERSU
  1. Muhamed-Rakhimov Nurlan Taufikovich – Chairman of the Board of JSC “Almaty Electric Stations”
  2. IsmukhambetovGaziy Zhumabayevich – Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC “Almaty Electric Stations”
  3. Utegulov Nurzhan Imangalievich – Deputy Director of LLP “KERNEU “
  4. Chukreev Yuri Yakovlevich.Doctor of technical sciences.Director of the Institute of Socio-Economic and Energy Problems. Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Syktyvkar of the Russian Federation.
  5. Bryantsev A.M.Doctor of technical sciences.Chief Designer of LLC “Electric Grid Compensators”. Russia. Full member of the AEN of the Russian Federation
  6. Sakharkhanov Kaliy Duisenovich – Deputy Chief Engineer of JSC “Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasi.
  7. Makharadze Yasin Rasimovich. Main engineer LLP ” Building Materials” Center »