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Institute of control systems and information technology

The Institute of Control Systems and Information Technologies was established in 2017 on the basis of the Faculty of Information Technologies of AUES. Currently it trains specialists in the field of automation of production processes, cyber security and information technologies.
Our institute has the most modern material and technical base and highly qualified faculty. The Institute’s infrastructure includes 5 departments, 28 educational and scientific laboratories, the CISCO regional academy, the modern programming school, the KasperskyLab training center, the training centers Oracle, AXIS and SIEMENES.
The present era is an era of information technology. And everyone who will become an ISUIT student this year is going to face an interesting and rich life: an exciting profession, interesting people, participation in scientific and practical seminars and conferences.
We are waiting for you in our Institute of Control Systems and Information Technology.
Director of the Institute of Control Systems and Information Technologies, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Sayyn Seydinkozhaevich TABULTAEV

About the Institute

Institute of control systems and information technology (ICSIT) was established in 2017 on the basis of the faculty of  «Aerospace and information technologies», the history of which begins in 2010 with the creation of the faculty of “Information technologies” in the new building “D” AUPET. In the same year, the faculty established a training laboratory of the Regional Academy “Cisco” named after Alimzhan Berikuly – the first head of the department “Computer technologies and electronics”. The oldest specialized department of the Institute is the department of «Automation and control» (the former department of Engineering Cybernetics), which was formed in 1988 by Professor Hisarov Bulat Dzhantemiroviych.

The Institute trains bachelors in the following specialties:

The structure of the Institute consists of 5 departments:

Company partners, companies in which graduates are employed

The field of professional activity in the field of automation and control is the field of science and technology, which includes a set of tools, methods and techniques related to the condition of information processing for the purposes of management of technical objects, as well as the creation and operation of control systems.            Graduates of the Department of SIS can be employed in the departments of information security of commercial organizations, banks and municipal institutions, law enforcement agencies, enterprises and institutions of information and telecommunications. Graduates can take specialist security services, can work as information security administrators (computer networks), project manager of secured infocommunication networks (including computer networks of organizations) and databases.
Graduates of the Institute in the field of IT can work in the departments of any company and organization, including public, related to network administration, database administration, software development, testing and debugging of software in information systems, work with digital equipment and microprocessors, computer and network technologies.