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Office of doctoral and master's programs

Educational programs

The educational programs of  AUPET Master’s program are realized in two directions of training – scientific and pedagogical, profile. This provides an in-depth specialized training that subsequently enables graduates to engage successfully in scientific, educational, administrative and expert activities.

Educationin the Master’s program assumes active research work, participation in the University scientific projects under the leadership of leading specialists in the energy and telecommunications industry.

Implementation of Doctoral educational programs is carried out by the University together with the leading universities of the European Union (Sweden, Austria), with the assistance of the European Commission’s international programs TEMPUS and ERASMUS + (MAPREE and InnoCENS)

Opportunity to work with two scientific advisors (domestic and foreign) allows doctoral students fundamental training in his/her chosen field, along with the ability to use the latest developments in the field of science in their research.

The scientific supervising of PhD students is carried out by scientific advisors from countries of near and far abroad – Austria, Great Britain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, etc.

As part of the PhD training program the participation of students of doctoral studies in authoritative international scientific conferences and symposiums, publication of scientific articles in scientific journals of near and far abroad is financed.

List of specialties

PhD doctorate:

  • 6D071700 – Heat Power Engineering
  • 6D071800 – Electric Power Engineering
  • 6D071900 – Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

Scientific-pedagogical and profile magistracy:

  • 6M070200 – Automation and Control
  • 6M070300 – Information Systems
  • 6M070400 – Computer Engineering and software
  • 6M071600 – Instrumentation
  • 6M071700 – Heat Power Engineering
  • 6M071800 – Electric Power Engineering
  • 6M071900 – Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications
  • 6M073100 – Life Safety and Environmental Protection

Opportunities for applicants to AUPET doctoral and master’s programs:

– to choose the theme of the dissertation, which will meet the needs of the company he/she works, taking into account the specifics of the company;

– to choose the scientific supervisor of the work from the AUPET faculty, who has experience in the training of highly qualified personnel;

– to get a high-quality education, which is in demand in modern conditions.

Joint programs of AUPET magistracy:

– “MEPhI” National Research Nuclear University since 2016;

– Tomsk Polytechnic University;

– MPEI National Research University;

– Programs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Universities (SCOU) since 2012;

– Universities of France – University of Lorraine (Geoenergies Centre).

Scientific activity

At Non-Profit JSC «Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications» was held a defense of doctoral thesis of Umyshev Dias Raybekovich for PhD degree on the topic of «Research and development of combustion chamber of GTU with low emission of the toxic substances» on specialty 6D071700 – «Heat Power Engineering» and also was held a defense of doctoral thesis of Almuratova Nurgul Kanayevna  for PhD degree on the topic of «Energy-saving electric drive of centrifugal pumps of the thermal power plant’s own needs» on specialty 6D071800 – «Electric Power Engineering».

Office staff:

Director – Elemanova Alia Alikovna

Leading specialist – Abiljanova Akmaral Omirzhanovna

Specialist – Kali Bermeta Kamchybekovna

Specialist – Ibragimova Madina Vassitovna

Specialist – Arzikulova Aktolkyn Ismailovna

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