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Structure RTDC

To integrate and coordinate the research work of the teaching staff and the research directions of master and doctoral students and further commercialization of scientific outcomes , a new structure “Center for Scientific Research and Technology Development” has been created in AUPET. In order to create conditions for the full implementation and solution of research tasks in writing of doctoral and master’s dissertations within the existing scientific research groups, R&D Center includes  three offices: the Office of Doctoral and Magistracy Programs (ODMP), the Project Management Office (PMO), the Office of Commercialization of Scientific Developments (OC).
One of the key tasks of the Center is to coordinate the work of the university departments and faculties, doctoral and master program students and the implementation of professional curricula and research tasks of applied sciences which are aimed at meeting of the needs of the industrial and non-industrial sectors of the country’s economy in specialists with a fundamental education, methodological and research preparation for expert and practical work in various fields of energy and telecommunications, IT, space technologies, roboticsan applied economybusiness, etc.
R&D Center carries out work on an establishment of long-term relations and signing of agreements with foreign scientists on corresponding specialty of academic education; on the signing and implementation of contracts for the conduct of research and development work with organizations and enterprises, agreements on scientific exchange with accredited foreign higher educational institutions, universities and scientific organizations implementing doctoral and magistracy programs, contracts with organizations identified as bases of practice, including the conduction  of doctoral foreign scientific internship.