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The mission of OС is to achieve a qualitative growth in the commercialization of the results of the research work of the teaching staff and the students of the University.

The activity of the ОC is aimed at the following tasks:

– mobilization of intellectual resources of the University to solve specific commercial significant applied problems;

– creation of conditions for commercializing the results of research work of the teaching staff with the maximum participation of students;

– Integration of commercially targeted activities of the University into an international commercially;

-oriented intellectual environment and the domestic business environment;

– Identification of competitive, commercially promising scientific developments, start-up ideas and their promotion to the market.

The main functions of the OC are:

– collection and analysis of information, formation and support of projects aimed at commercialization of scientific developments through preliminary marketing research, development of solutions for the commercialization of the most promising developments, including the search for funding sources;

– development and implementation of optimal protection of intellectual property, development of a strategy for its commercialization;

– identification of funding sources for the commercialization of selected developments. Presentation of developments at competitions, exhibitions, etc .;

– conducting negotiations with potential buyers (together with LLP “CES” at the University);

– preparation and maintenance of license agreements (signing, monitoring the timeliness of payments, distribution of income within the University);

– preparation and support of innovative projects related to the creation of a new enterprise;

– organization of joint activities of University employees and business representatives (seminars, conferences, round tables);

– search and analysis of information on technology requests in the market sectors related to the scientific activities of the University staff;

– drafting agreements, contracts, contracts, protocols on cooperation, etc. bodies of state power, local self-government bodies, business entities and other entities in the field of MLC activities.

Director of OC – Zhanbaev Rinat Abdykadyrovich, candidate of economic sciences. He has extensive experience in commercialization of research and development, preparation and support of innovative projects.

Leading specialist of OK – Abildina Ainur Shahizadina, candidate of economic sciences. Author of 50 scientific works, 3 of them are published, published in the editions recommended by CCSON of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic  Kazakhstan for publication of the main results of scientific activity, 3 in the journals included in the Scopus database, 3 monographs and 1 textbook.

Author’s activity

16 protection documents for inventions were received, 4 of them were patents for invention, 12 – patents for utility model.

18 applications for protection documents for inventions were filed, including 12 applications for utility models, 2 for inventions and 4 applications for obtaining a Eurasian patent.

Doctoral students / undergraduates received 4 patents (1 patent for invention, 3 for utility model), filed applications for 5 applications for obtaining utility model patents.