Dear students!

15.03.2020 Все объявления

In connection with the transfer of the educational process to the remote format, on Monday, March 16, you do not come to AUPET!

All lecture classes will begin and will be held in a remote format from 10:40.

At 10:20 - 10:30 on the website in the chat in your Platonus account, you can see the link to the lecture, after which you can listen to the lecture online.

    When registering for an online lecture or other lesson, be sure to indicate your name and initials! You will also come and study in next classes in the future.

The duration of each class of ZOOM.COM on-line is limited to 40 minutes, so you will communicate with the teacher for the remaining 10 minutes of the lesson via chat in your personal account or What’s up groups, e-mail and other electronic tools.

The main thing is to keep in touch with the teacher in each discipline!

    If the student does not participate, then this will amount to absenteeism!

At 20:00, March 16, the schedule for the groups for March 17-21 will be published on the AUPET website in the "Schedule" section.

In the future, every Saturday, the schedule for the next week will be posted with corresponding links to online classes.

If you have any questions or emergencies, you can contact the single contact center by phone  + 7 (727) 323 11 75 or write to e-mail: