Changes were made to the academic policy of the university.

Changes were made to the academic policy of the university.

21.03.2020 Все новости

The following changes and additions were made to the Academic Policy of AUPET by the decision of the Scientific Council of March 17, 2020:

The section of the Academic Policy “REQUIREMENTS FOR CLASS ATTENDANCE” was supplemented with a paragraph as follows: “When conducting an online session in the form of distance learning, the attendance is taken into account by the teacher on the basis of a video broadcast of the stream from the account of each student, as well as data (logs) about the actions of the participants of the online session, regardless of the platform and service used (ZOOM, etc.). In the absence of constant visual contact with the student using the tools of the platform or service used, the teacher fixes the absence from class for students for no good reason. If there are technical problems that make it impossible to broadcast the video stream, confirmation of the student’s actual participation in the lesson is assigned to the teacher (periodic voice survey, social testing, telegram, content survey for engagement, etc.)”

The section of the Academic Policy “INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND MEANS OF COMMUNICATION WITH STUDENTS” was supplemented with a paragraph as follows:

“Teachers, employees and students of the University are required to observe visual and speech etiquette when conducting an online session (broadcasting a video stream) in the format of distance learning or work, namely:

1. have a neat appearance that matches the official dress code;

2. Prevent the demonstration of exposed parts of the body;

3. take measures to ensure that the screen frames are not provocative and / or violate the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and moral standards of images, including in clothing and background;

4. Do not use slang and profanity;

5. Do not involve persons who are not students of this course in the broadcast;

6. Do not show pets;

7. not to commit any other actions that may result in distraction or a violation of the normal course of the lesson, or any other academic event.

In case of violation of the specified requirements by the student, the teacher or any other person with academic or administrative powers must stop or block the student’s access to this lesson / event and record the fact that the lesson was missed by these students without good reason.

 Depending on the nature of the violations of these rules, the university administration, teachers, employees and students have the right to contact the directorate of the relevant institute in order to bring the offender to disciplinary action. ”