Science grants will be distributed by open vote

Science grants will be distributed by open vote

14.01.2020 Все новости

Members of National Science Councils will decide on the funding of science projects through open voting. This was announced by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askhat Aymagambetov, on his Facebook page (

“Earlier, Members of National Scientific Councils made decisions on financing by secret ballot, but now an open vote has been introduced with clear criteria and scoring. Moreover, broadcasting of meetings will be ensured. This will increase the responsibility and transparency of decisions,” the minister said.

Aymagambetov added that the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan has changed the process of forming the composition of National Scientific Councils: the requirements for members of councils have been tightened. They mainly relate to the quality of their scientific work. The current composition of the National Scientific Councils will be reviewed in accordance with these changes, the minister said.

Askhat Aymagambetov also said that now grants for research projects will be distributed annually, and not every three years, as it was before.