Dear compatriots!

Dear compatriots!

20.03.2020 Все новости

Dear compatriots!

We have witnessed how a local outbreak of coronavirus escalated into a global pandemic.

Currently, the virus has already crossed the borders of more than 155 states, including Kazakhstan.

His geography is steadily expanding, accompanied by an increase in the number of victims.

This situation is exacerbated by the global financial crisis, a collapse in commodity and foreign exchange markets.

All this has an impact on our country.

We are faced with extremely difficult threats, which together can be called an “ideal storm”.

In terms of the complexity of the tasks that we need to find a solution to, the current time is to some extent comparable with the period of the early 90s, when it was really very difficult for us.

In these conditions, I urge all Kazakhstanis to support the actions of the President of the country Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev and the Government, which are being implemented these days.

To protect against coronavirus, the country's authorities have developed a set of preventive measures.

In this context, the introduction of a state of emergency is an important and necessary step.

The purpose of this action is to protect the interests of citizens and the state.

There is a special headquarters to minimize damage from coronavirus infection and stabilize the domestic economy.

Every effort is being made to prevent interruptions in the supply of food, essentials and medical supplies.

All social obligations of the state continue to be fully implemented.

Law enforcement agencies provide order.

Full support is provided to domestic enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses.

Every effort is made to save jobs.

The measures taken at the state level are timely and meet the crisis situation.

I support them!

At the same time, the Government needs to develop a scenario of countermeasures in case the current crisis takes on a long-term nature.

In this situation, it will be important to prepare the country and citizens for austerity and integrated access to the path of sustainable development.

Dear Kazakhstan citizens!

We say: "Kemedeginіn jany bir." “On the ship, everyone has one destiny.”

In this difficult time, no one should remain aloof from the common cause.

Firstly, the Government has already announced its steps to alleviate the current burden of public sector employees and small and medium-sized businesses.

But the efforts of one state are not enough. To effectively counter the epidemic and support the economy, additional resources must be mobilized.

Every citizen must make his own contribution.

I propose creating a republican fund in which the funds of people who want and can help the country in this difficult period are accumulated.

I am sure that domestic entrepreneurs who did not stand aside in difficult times will also provide assistance.

Similar funds must be established in each regional center and cities of republican significance. This work should be done by akims of the respective territories.

A successful example of such a nationwide approach is the unifying impulse, thanks to which the city of Arys was restored in a short time.

Secondly, I am grateful for the help that is already being provided to the population by national business these days. I hope that this process will expand and other representatives of the private sector will join it.

I believe that company owners can and should financially and morally support the people who work with them every day.

For example, pay for people on temporary forced vacations or put into practice shorter work schedules.

I urge representatives of domestic business not to dismiss employees.

By preserving jobs, you will show your solidarity with society.

In turn, large investors working in the areas of extraction and processing of raw materials, manufacturing, together with the Government and akimats should also support the population of the regions in which they operate.

Not to leave your loved ones in difficult times is in the blood of the Kazakh people, in its genes and ancient traditions.

Thirdly, today it is required to provide support to those who really need it most of all.

On my behalf, 150 million tenge was allocated as part of the projects of the Nur Otan party.

The money is intended to provide targeted assistance to socially vulnerable segments of the population in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty, where quarantine was announced.

Another 200 million tenge, according to my decision, was sent from the Fund of the First President to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection.

I think that the Nur Otan party will control the correct spending of finances to fight the coronavirus as a whole.

Fourth, it is necessary to pay attention to the uninterrupted provision of all the necessary needs for representatives of the older generation, children from orphanages and patients in specialized hospitals.

It is important not to leave without the support of a single person who needs it.

Kazakhstan people have always helped each other in difficult times.

Representatives of the volunteer movement should also say their weighty word.

Fifth, we should support the doctors and medical workers, law enforcement officials and military personnel who are on the “front lines” of the pandemic these days.

Today, a great burden and responsibility falls on their shoulders.

Society should help these people, show understanding, and responsibly fulfill all their instructions.

Dear fellow citizens!

Our unity is the key to successfully overcoming current difficulties.

In the history of Kazakhstan there have been more complex tests.

We successfully overcame them and continued to work further for the good of our Motherland.

I am sure that this time will also be.

From the first days of independence, I knew that the path of Kazakhstan will not be simple and easy.

My assumptions were based on the fact that history and time will make their own adjustments to our plans.

Even in prosperous years, we prepared for threats that could arise in the future, and created the necessary reserves for such cases.

The accumulated foreign exchange reserves and funds of the National Fund allowed us to carry out ongoing reforms and generally support our economy in difficult years.

Kazakhstan has all the necessary resources, including financial.

This is one of the results of our course, which was based on the principle - "first the economy, then politics."

It was difficult for us to build a new state from scratch, but it was even more difficult to protect the country from adversity and maintain our independence.

Today we have experience, as well as a clear algorithm of actions.

I have always spoken about the paramount importance of consolidating the nation, our unity and harmony.

It's time to show our solidarity.

I urge all citizens of the country to show patience and support the measures taken by the state.

As long as there is unity, there are no heights that we will not reach!

The upcoming Nauryz holiday is a symbol of our unity.

On the eve of this bright day, I want to wish all of us peace and prosperity.

May all adversities pass us by.

I am sure that Kazakhstan will overcome all difficulties, and we will enter the new stage of our development with honor.

Biz Birgemiz!