• г. Алматы, Байтурсынулы, 126/1
  • 8(727) 292 03 03
  • ПН-ПТ: 9:00-18:00

Welcome to the AUES dormitory!

Dormitories are conveniently placed in the center of Almaty. Nonresident students can be placed in one of four dormitories.
There are 1589 places in four dormitories totally.
First-year students live in separated dormitory. Master’s Degree students live in divided dorms too. Campuses and four dormitories are placed on the territory of the university. AUPET has 3 dining-halls and 2 crush bars including a crush bar in the dormitory №3.
There are aid posts in the dormitory №2 that is placed on St. Shashkina, 14a and in campus named after Daukeev G.Zh. that is placed on St. Baitursinova 124b.
Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students live in twin and quadruple rooms. Every room has necessary furniture.
There are shower and retiring rooms in dissection rooms. There are also laundering and utility rooms. Third dormitory’s underground accommodation has Youth Center with Disco-Room, Brain-Ring rooms, panel games, debate club and dancing ensemble rooms. There are sports rooms with exercise equipment, table tennis.
On the university territory there are an open-air sports ground with football, basketball and volleyball fields. Also it has athletic track around the sports ground.
There trade union committee works for students.
Правила заселения и внесения оплаты за проживание в общежитие АУЭС
Процедура заселения
Студенту, получившему место в общежитии  АУЭС необходимо:
  • Предоставить удостоверение личности; студенческий билет; фотографию 3*4 – 2 шт.;
  • Внести стоимость за проживание.
  • Пройти медицинское обследование.
Процедура оплаты
Оплата за проживание в общежитии принимается  в кассе учебного корпуса А.
Контактная информация:   8 (727) 2 92 03 36.